Wednesday, May 26, 2010

stop killing yourself...start think for your love ones...

This morning, I just come across an interesting new web page, and it is called Anti Smoking Campaign. And suddenly, my finger just click here, and click there, and I am in, become one of the ambassador to promote the Anti Smoking Campaign. Why do I care? I am not even smoking, and I do not have any problem or sickness because of the smoking habit. I am doing this because I love my friend, and some of them are having this bad smoking habit. So my friend, STOP KILLING YOURSELF AND START THINK FOR YOUR LOVE ONES…

p/s: for more information, click on this…

i'm sorry...

I'm sorry..I love you..

I'm sorry for saying those things
I'm sorry for calling you 'the thing'
I'm sorry that i disapointed you
I'm sorry i wasn't good enough
I'm sorry for insulting you
I'm sorry for being such a bad friend

I'm sorry that the reason i do these things
is just i can't get over you
i can't believe you think so low of me
that i'd let you come between my friends
i'm sorry that i still want you so

maybe i am selfish
maybe i am waste as you said

i'm sorry
i'm sorry
i'm sorry

i'm sorry for the pain i caused
i'm sorry for the tears i made you cry
i'm sorry for the lies i told
i'm sorry that i'm not perfect
i'm sorry that i'm not handsome
i'm sorry for not being there when i said i would
i'm sorry for causing so much trouble
i'm sorry for always doing the wrong thing
i'm sorry i'm a failure to you
but i can't help being me
i'm sorry
i love you


Chasing a second in a life,
Hoping for unknown destiny,
Finding something to achieve,
Wondering for unwritten future,

Walking and running,
Winning and losing,
In a game where everyone in,
Making life seem wonderful

When falling down,
I will rise by myself,
Making step by step,
Forwarding away from my mistake,

Happy, sad, laughter and cry,
Synthesized as a heartbeat,
As time fly away,
It makes my life just like a dream,

Achieving everything in life,
Is the definitely my destiny,
To search for an unfinished journey,
Is a part of my lifetime...

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