Thursday, July 30, 2009

uPSr 2009

For UPSR this year, it is a little special because my younger sister will take it too, also with the other year 6 student in Malaysia. Although UPSR have been conducted for many years, is it still relevant for today education program? If you guys have read the newspaper lately, there is some news about this exam. Some people want this exam to be terminated because for them this exam only making the student to focused on the five main paper, and that is Bahasa Melayu 1 (Pemahaman), Bahasa Melayu 2 (Penulisan), English Language, Science and Mathematics. When the student only focused to this subject only, they will ignored the other subject, and there are some school which doesn’t want their year 6 student to learn the other subject. This is a violation to the student. It is true that student need to score 5 A in the UPSR, but they also need to learn other subject such as Living Skill (Kemahiran Hidup), Social Studies (Kajian Tempatan) and other subject. This is the result of the exam oriented education program, and I don’t support this kind of thing. For me, the best education program is life oriented education program. From this student will gain knowledge that can be use for their whole life, not only in the exam situation. Now it is up to our new education minister, for him and the whole ministry to think and does what best for our young generation. Also let all of us prayed to god, so that all year 6 students in Malaysia gain success in their UPSR exam…Amin

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